About the school

Sprachcaffe school is one of the best language schools in Malta. Being a part of an internationally renowned brand, it is appreciated for the quality of teaching. Sprachcaffe has both local and international accreditations and many years of experience in organising English summer camps for teens. Kids from around the world take part in their courses.
The school is in an extremely safe area – in the centre of the quiet town of Pembroke, a dozen or so minutes walk from the tourist village of St Julian’s. It has its own campus with a private beach volleyball court, a private swimming pool, games room, video room, study room, library and a beautiful garden.

Courses availability

English Summer Camps in Malta for Teens are available between 24 May and 11 September (the last summer course starts 6.09).
PLEASE NOTE: At the time of booking, please note that classes do not take place on Maltese public holidays. There is no refund for lessons that have not taken place on those days. The language school’s internal policy decides about the possibility of making up for them on other days. Ready4Malta is not responsible for it.
Malta 2021 Public Holidays List: LINK.

Teen Summer Camps offered

English Summer Camps for Teens consist of daily group English lessons (Monday-Friday) and a comprehensive and varied activities programme.
Summer Camp 13-17 – a summer English language camp in Malta for people aged 13-17 – includes a package of 20 English lessons and participation in group activities offered by the school (afternoons/evenings/weekends
Summer Camp 18-21 – a summer English language camp for people aged 18-21 – includes a package of 20 English lessons and participation in group activities offered by the school (afternoons/evenings/weekends).

Sample weekly programme

The language school provides a weekly schedule that includes daily afternoon/evening activities such as horse riding, go-karts, bowling and sunbathing together.
Trips are organised weekly to allow young people to explore Malta. They might cover its historic capital, Valletta, itself a UNESCO world heritage site. As well as the neighbouring islet of Comino with the famous crystal clear waters of its Blue Lagoon.
The itinerary of a language camp in Malta also has an exciting evening programme. Beach and boat parties, karaoke and comedy evenings, joint trips to Paceville, Malta’s nightlife centre, just a few minutes walk from the language school and more!
Sample weekly programme of English camps in Malta for teens:

Placement test

Upon arrival in Malta, all students are assigned to international groups depending on their level of language proficiency (an online test has to be completed before arrival).


The following forms of accommodation are available in the ‘adult’ package:
  • summer residence of the language school (campus)
  • host families
  • without accommodation (with parents/guardians)
We encourage you to read the detailed description of our accommodation options on our website: LINK.


The following alimentation options are available in this package:
  • school campus: full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • host families: full board (breakfast, dinner, packed lunch)
  • without accommodation – no board

Airport transfers

The airport transfers are not included in the price of the package. A private transfer from/to the airport can be booked additionally at €20 one-way (up to 4 pax).

Flights to Malta

Airfare is not included in your language course package. For the best prices and connections check Skyscanner.

What does the price include?

The package includes:
  • Accommodation on the school campus or with a host family

  • General English course (20 lesson hours/week)

  • A package of afternoon activities (1 full-day trip, 2 half-day trips when booking a 2-weeks-long camp)

  • Learning materials

  • All compulsory school and organizational fees

  • Meeting with a Ready4Malta representative after your arrival to the island

  • A 24-hour emergency telephone for students, offered by the school

  • Full board (3 meals a day)

The package does not include:
  • Flights

  • ECO tax (environmental fee) charged by the hotel in the amount of 0.50 € / person/night, up to 5 € per stay

  • Airport transfers (available extra at €20 one-way)

  • Travel insurance (costs of medical care, accidents)


For the English Summer Camps in Malta for teens, please be advised that Angielski—Malta.pl/Ready4Malta is an intermediary in the purchase of a language course and is not responsible for the supervision of participants during their stay in Malta. The Angielski-Malta.pl/Ready4Malta representative meets the student after arriving in Malta to provide information on the course of language holidays and details of everyday life on the island.
Each language school as an organizer bears full responsibility for minors from the beginning of the camp. In all schools, children and young people are required to acquire permission from their guardian to go outside the premises. Children and adolescents are looked after by the guardians assigned by the school. Most of the schools we work with also have 24-hour security and a 24/7 emergency number (available in English).
Please note that our package does not include travel insurance (costs of medical care, accidents) – we strongly advise you to take your EHIC card with you and purchase extra dedicated insurance before you fly to Malta.

Prices and bookings


Our package includes many variables. Depending on the accommodation, month, the number of people and additional options, the final price of the package can change a lot.
2. BOOK YOUR SPOT – fill out the contact form

To receive a quote for the variant you are interested in or to book an English Language Course in Malta, please complete the Booking Form. After completing and sending the Booking Form, you will receive an immediate confirmation of your booking request in the form of an autoresponder. Our representative will contact you within 24-48 hours of receiving your inquiry.

If you have not received an e-mail from Angielski-Malta.pl – check the Spam Folder.

PLEASE NOTE: Sending the booking form does not automatically confirm the availability of places.


After Angielski-Malta.pl confirms the availability of spaces on your chosen dates for Language Holidays in Malta, you will receive a payment request for the respective package with an English language course in Malta. At this stage, we will send you an invoice with our bank transfer details.

Your booking of the Language Course in Malta will be confirmed when the deposit is credited to the Angielski-Malta.pl (Ready4Malta) bank account.

Payment methods

We accept payment via bank transfer. Customers have a choice of payment in PLN / EUR. The customer receives the data for the transfer in the confirmation e-mail. We at this moment inform you in advance that we are not responsible for any additional handling fees charged by the bank when the funds are transferred.


Terms & Conditions

Before sending the booking form, please read our Terms & Conditions: LINK.

English Summer Camps
holiday offer for teens and young adults

English Summer Camps for teens and young adults in Malta are an excellent opportunity to learn the English language among peers from around the world while also making new friends. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for socialising. In addition to English lessons, students with local leaders take part in additional daily activities. Those also take place at the school campus, contributing to students’ safety and making a 24/7 supervision easier. The language school offers its summer camp participants a wide range of exciting attractions. City games, sightseeing of the Maltese Islands in groups, sunbathing, relaxing by the pool or evening parties await!
Up-to-date information about the COVID-19 situation in Malta can be found on our dedicated website: COVID-19 in Malta – Questions & Answers.
Before you decide to book our intensive English courses abroad in Malta, please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions.

  • SCHOOL LOCATION: St Julian's

  • COURSE DATES: 24 May - 11 September (the last course starts 6.09)

  • ARRIVAL DAY: Sunday


  • MAX. GROUP SIZE: up to 15 people

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Price per person per week

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