Top 10 Beaches on the Maltese Islands

Malta, Gozo and Comino offer great spots for swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, water sports and diving. The bathing season in Malta lasts from May to October. We have created a list of our TOP 10 beaches that you should see when visiting the Maltese Islands. 

1. Ħondoq Bay

The first one on this list is located on Malta’s unspoilt sister island Gozo. Hondoq ir-Rummien is a favourite among locals. A small sandy beach with a few rocky areas, the bank slopes and makes it ever so easy to get in to and enjoy the refreshing waters. Located near the village of Qala, the beach overlooks the smallest Maltese island of Comino. 

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2. Xlendi Bay

Located in a scenic and lush area, near the village of Kercem on Gozo. The pebbly beach allows you to get into the clear turquoise hues of the Mediterranean easily. Once a quiet fishing village, today Xlendi is an important tourist resort, lined with restaurants, bars and shops. Despite the commercial development, the area is still peaceful and a good spot to relax. 

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3. Ramla Bay

Ramla is the largest beach on Gozo and known especially for the unforgettable orange/red sand. The sea bank is gently sloped but the currents can be unexpectedly strong! 

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4. Beaches of Comino


The most popular beach on Comino by far is the Blue Lagoon. The transparent, azure waters over the pebbled seabed make it a perfect spot to relax. It is recommended to take a daily cruise there but keep in mind that during high season this spot is highly sought after and does get busy. 


Crystal Lagoon is a secluded inlet, not as popular and far less crowded than the famed Blue Lagoon. Especially popular among snorkelling or scuba diving enthusiastic, the water dances over the walls of the nearby caves and several species of underwater life can be seen from here.  


A quieter spot on Comino, Santa Maria bay is a small sandy beach, only 20-minute walk from the Blue Lagoon. Perhaps not as spectacular as its neighbour, Santa Maria Bay is tranquil and calm, a far better option for relaxation.

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5. Mellieħa Bay (Għadira Bay)

Mellieha bay is one of the most popular beaches on the island. This sandy inlet in the north of the island is also the biggest sandy beach in the Maltese Islands. The water here is relatively shallow and clear. 

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6. Għajn Tuffieħa

Also known as Riviera Bay, this sandy beach sits on a beautiful landscape of the surrounding cliffs. The sunsets here are said to be some of the most spectacular on the island.  Be careful with one thing: you can access the beach only by walking down a flight of limestone stairs which slowly reveal an idyllic view of the beach. 

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7. Exiles

Exiles beach is located right in the tourist centre of the islands, Sliema. This beach sits next to a charming public garden, with a playground, some fountains and benches overlooking the sea. Walking the seafront promenade, you will notice steps and ramps to the garden, leading further to the beach. This beach is rocky – perfect for those who get annoyed by sand! There are ladders lowered into the sea across the beach to make the water access easy. 

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8. Kalanka Bay 

Kalanka bay is a rocky cove, situated near Marsaxlokk in the south of the island. Not far from the famous St. Peter’s Pool, Kalanka bay is far more secluded and tranquil in comparison to its popular neighbour. The limestone is smooth and carved into gentle curves by the sea. With a small shelf that meets the Mediterranean Sea. You can also snorkel round here with the azure coloured sea washing against some interesting under water formations. 

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9. Golden Bay

Another sandy paradise! Usually busy but also very spacious comparing to its neighbouring Ghajn Tuffieha. Golden Bay is one of the most popular and picturesque beaches in Malta. There are all necessary facilities like showers and public toilets and places to buy food and drinks.
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10. Paradise Bay

At the furthest point in the north of the island you can find the appropriately named Paradise Bay. This tiny spot is surrounded by cliffs rising from the water and rolling behind the beach, making it feel secluded and veeery cosy! Paradise bay does in fact get quite busy in the summer months, with many sunbeds and umbrellas in use during this time. The beach is sandy with some rocks on either side of the bay. Paradise Bay is also loved by the fans of underwater adventures – its waters are perfect for some amateur snorkelling.

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